About Us

Mission Statement

The members of the P.S./I.S. 226 community are passionate about empowering students to achieve their fullest academic, social and emotional potential. Through rigorous, data-driven instruction, we are committed to providing a nurturing learning environment to ensure that all of our students are challenged and engaged. Promoting high standards and expectations, the teachers, administrators, families and the community equally share the responsibility for advancing the school's mission.

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Welcome to P.S./I.S. 226K

Meet Our Administration

 Principal Klein 

Mr. Evan Klein
Principal, P.S./I.S. 226

 Assistant Principal Hyman 

Mr. Brad Hyman
Assistant Principal
​Grades Pre-K -2

 Assistant Principal Niarhos 

Ms. Hyrsoula Niarhos
Assistant Principal
​Grades 3-5

 Coming soon! 

Ms. Soledad Montanes
Assistant Principal
​Middle School

Mr. Evan Klein, Principal
Office: 718-234-4940
​Fax: 718-234-4945

Mr. Brad Hyman, Assistant Principal
Grades Pre-K -2
Office: 718-234-4940 Ext:1581
​Fax: 718-234-4945

Ms. Hrysoula Niarhos, Assistant Principal
Grades 3-5
Office: 718-234-4940 Ext: 3221
​Fax: 718-234-4945

Ms. Soledad Montanes, Assistant Principal
​Middle School
Office: 718-234-4940 Ext: 4111

Mrs. Robin Adelson, Special Education/IEP
Office: 718-234-4940
​Fax: 718-234-4945

Mrs. Denise Tsekouras, Guidance Counselor
Office: 718-234-4940
​Fax: 718-234-4945

Mrs. Ashley Lermer, Parent Coordinator
Office: 718-234-4940 Ext: 1351
​Fax: 718-234-4945